Patent Coaching

A patent is a valuable asset. It is, however, an expensive asset to acquire. The costs associated with hiring a patent attorney or patent agent to draft and prosecute a patent application on your behalf is well over $10,000 for a fairly complex mechanical, electrical, or software related patent application.

Due to the high costs of hiring a professional, thousands of inventors chose to draft their own patent applications every year.

The success rate for these folks is dramatically lower than it would be if they worked with a professional.

If you’re going to file a provisional patent application or a utility patent application without hiring a professional to draft the application, you need to speak with an experienced patent professional about how to increase your chances of success at the patent office.

Here are some ways that my Patent Coaching Service can help you:
  • I’ll provide you with a template that you can use to draft your patent application.
  • I’ll coach you on how to draft your patent application. We’ll discuss what you need to know about drafting a summary, abstract, background section, figures, detailed description, and most importantly, claims.
  • We’ll discuss the common pitfalls that prevent patent applications from being granted.
  • If you’re filing a software application, we’ll discuss the special rules that apply to software applications.
  • Together we will figure out if there are any bar dates that could prevent you from receiving a patent.
My background and experience

I’m a patent agent located in Silicon Valley, California. 100% of my practice involves drafting, filing, and prosecuting software and electrical engineering related patent applications for fortune 100 companies. I earned a degree in electrical engineering for Florida State University and juris doctor degree from Indiana University – Bloomington.

Contact me below about setting up a Patent Coaching session: