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Questions From Quora: What Does A WO Patent Mean?

I recently answered a question on Quora that asked "What does a WO patent mean?" Here was my answer: “WO” is a prefix for WIPO (“World Intellectual Property Organization”). WIPO is an agency of the United Nations that helps regulate how patents are filed in WIPO member countries. There are about 180 WIPO countries and [...]

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Inspiring Stories – Larry Durkos’ Stapling Machine

Larry Durkos is an Indiana resident who shook up the bedding industry with a patent on a mattress stapling machine. In 2012, Larry successfully sued Legget & Platt, a major bedding manufacturer, for patent infringement. This is Larry's story. In 1994, Larry and his wife took a tour of a bedding factory in Cincinnati, Ohio. As they walked [...]

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Are you ready for a patent? Our take on it.

If you take away one point from this article, I hope it's that you need to a business plan and a plan for a patent before you file a patent application. Are you ready for a patent? Well, it really depends on your business plan. Does your business plan make sense?  First and foremost, a person should [...]

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Kickstarter & Risking Public Disclosure

Did you know that disclosing your invention to the public can prevent you from getting a patent? It's true, and it's a serious risk for Kickstarter companies. For those of you who don't know, Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform with the goal of bringing creative projects to life. If you go to Kickstarter right now, you [...]

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Start Here – A Short Summary Of Everything & A Roadmap

Welcome! This is the roadmap to our "Start Here" page. Below are several discrete questions and answers to topics that inventors often want to learn more about. Most of the answers include a link to a related article that discusses that topic in more detail. Each of those articles can be found in the "Start Here" page. Enjoy! [...]

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4 Reasons Claims Will Make Or Break Your Patent

The claims of a patent are immensely important to the patent, and they are a topic we have not discussed on PatentDirection! So here we go. Please take a minute to read our 4 reasons why your patent's claims will make or break your patent. 1 | The claims define the invention In patent law, we define the boundaries of an invention using [...]

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Why Your Startup Needs A Patent

Good morning startups, entrepreneurs, and independent inventors. Over the weekend I was playing Risk (we're so cool) with some friends who work in the patent industry when one of them said to me, "I like your website but you haven't answered the most basic question your audience wants to know, "what is a patent and why [...]

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Use The Super Patent Strategy To Save Money!

Who Should Consider This Strategy? You should consider this strategy if (1) you want to file multiple patents on one invention covering different aspects of the invention (2) you want to keep your upfront costs low. Do you fit this description? Here's an example of a person who could use this strategy. Jim is an inventor. [...]

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Can I Use A Service Like LegalZoom For A Patent?

Companies like LegalZoom do offer services for helping draft and file a patent application. At PatentDirection we highly recommend working directly with a patent attorney or patent agent at a well respected law firm. Consider using serves like Yelp to find a local patent attorney or patent agent if you are not in a large [...]

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The Patent Strategy Every Startup Should Consider!

Attention Startups!  An issued patent is a valuable tool that can be leveraged to increase your eye appeal to investors. If you've read our Top 10 you know that it can take 3-4 years or more to finally receive an issued patent from the Patent Office for your key piece of technology. But there's at least [...]

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